At the age of 14, Maurice Spratley wanted to try something new. So in his 7th grade class, he started to open his notebook and write. He wanted to just write so he grabbed a tape recorder and started recording his first mixtape called Babyblue On Loccdown. High School came around and he dropped the first of 4 Homecomings and he linked up with a childhood friend and he established the High Rollerz as he wanted to expand at a young age. 2005, Spratley went from Ryder Gunz to Gunz. From then on a star wuz born. Everything from The Execution in 2008 to Reloaded in 2011 has been a classic. Gunz is currently workin on a new album with the hit single, Top Of The World feat. Quis. Checc it out in the music player and get with the C6 movement.

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